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Olimpia diana

Olimpia diana

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Olimpia diana

Olimpia range cookers

98 x 68 x 105



Olimpia diana


Diana is a water-heating range cooker with enamelled steel body


Diana is a water-heating range cooker with enamelled steel body, available in three colours: classic white, traditional brown and modern dark gray. The main characteristic of this cooker is that it can contribute to heating the house: a heat exchanger is used to heat the water feeding the radiators, with consequent energy savings. 
Steel firebox. Height-adjustable cast iron grate. Cast iron frame, plate, fire screen, towel rail support and grate. Polished cast iron plate. Ash drawer. Flue gas pass inspection port panel. Automatic air intake regulator. Water temperature thermometer. Water regulation thermostat. Large firebox and oven in stainless steel with large glass panel. Oven grates. No-stick oven tray. Chrome-plated handles and towel rail. Hot water tank and ladle (optional).


Our stoves have undergone output and safety tests, and have been certified to current energy-saving standards

The stoves feature an efficient flue gas path design which, combined with the effect of the cast iron baffle, results in improved heating performance. Combustion smoke remains inside the stove body for longer and is not discharged directly, which means more heat is transferred into the room.

The stoves are fitted with large fireboxes. More space for firewood means increased heating performance and longer operating autonomy.

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